This is a story that was formerly on Orlando, and was initiated by my lady cat as just plain fun. :) Warning! A good many people regard stories like this as naughty. If you are easily offended, better not read it. I, personally, love this story... but hey, I love everything my lady cat and I do together. Trying to second-guess what's gonna offend or upset people is impossible, so I basically just give a simple warning and let it go at that.

  • Ears!
    Image: cw_ears.jpg CatsWhisker: "Ears..."
    Image: gcw_ears.gif Gene: "She's messing with my ears... why are you messing with my ears?"
    Image: cw_ears2.jpg CatsWhisker: "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears..."
    Image: gcwears2.gif Gene: "What are you DOING??"
    Image: cw_ears3.jpg CatsWhisker: "Ears!"
    Image: gcwears3.gif Gene: "CW... have you gone NUTS??"
    Image: cw_ears4.jpg CatsWhisker: "Nuts..."
    Image: gcwears4.gif Gene: "AAAAARGH!! That's it!!! That's the LAST straw! Come BACK here!"

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