This is a story that was formerly on VCL and Orlando, and was initiated by my lady cat as an experiment to broaden her artistic range. Naturally, I support her in all her endeavors. :) The comments are taken directly from the original image descriptions as they were first posted.Warning! A good many people regard stories like this as naughty. If you are easily offended, better not read it. I, personally, love this story... but hey, I love everything my lady cat and I do together. Trying to second-guess what's gonna offend or upset people is impossible, so I basically just give a simple warning and let it go at that.

  • The Towel Story
    Image: cwshowr1.jpg Cats like to keep clean. :)
    Image: cwshowr2.jpg Not all cats dislike water. :)
    Image: cwshowr3.jpg Cats enjoy keeping clean and are proud of it. :)
    Image: gcw_towl.jpg My lovely lady cat posted a trio of equally lovely pics... herself and myself in the shower. :) Anyway, I just thought I'd illustrate another of the many uses for wet towels... ;)
    Image: cwshowr4.jpg YO... you don't think *I* know how to use a towel that way?? Dang.. gave you credit for more sense than that my tomcat! ^_^
    Image: gcwtowl2.jpg Obviously, she's had battle-towel training. And all thistime I thought only *guys* had that. My bad. <:)
    Image: cwshowr5.jpg Oho.. so you presumed I never had such training eh? Well such assumptions can have *dire* consequences my tomcat!! Now just keep that profile while I demonstrate just HOW dire they can be... _:)
    Image: gcwtowl3.jpg *Ahem* Maybe they didn't cover it in your battletowel training, my lady cat, but... announcing your intentions is a *bad* move. It gives your opponent the chance to strike first. >:)
    Image: cwshowr6.jpg OWWWW!!!!
    Image: gcwtowl4.jpg Oh no... omigod, I hurt my lady cat... O_O
    Image: cwshowr7.jpg I never stung you *that* hard my tomcat... -_-
    Image: gcwtowl5.jpg Well, you weren't exactly waving a white flag, my lady cat... <:)
  • The Y2K Story
    Image: cwshowr8.jpg I guess I *did get sort of carried away there my tomc... huh? O_O
    Image: gcwtowl6.jpg I know you've been a little worried about the predictions of Y2K-related disasters, CW.. but this isn't one of them... I think...
    Image: cwshowr9.jpg So it's just a power outage my tomcat? Then why is the only thing my transistor radio can pick up is static? O_O
    Image: gcwtowl7.jpg Something has gone very, very wrong, my lady cat... O_O
    Image: cwshwr10.jpg You have a gift for understatement my tomcat.. something is very VERY wrong... -_-
    Image: gcwtowl8.jpg Okay, something *is* wrong, my lady cat - but before we panic, let me try something first...
    Image: cwshwr11.jpg Okay my tomcat... you tried it. It didn't work. Now are you convinced? -_-
    Image: gcwtowl9.jpg I'm convinced we must not give in to despair, my lady cat... <:)
    Image: cwshwr12.jpg Yes of course! What's wrong with me? There's no need to give up hope. We still have each other my tomcat! ^_^
    Image: gcwtwl10.jpg She says we should stick together "for warmth, if nothing else". *purrr* What else IS there??? :)
    Image: cwshwr13.jpg *prrrr*.... oh yes my tomcat. ^_^
    Image: gcwtwl11.jpg Couldn't stand seeing my lady cat unhappy... :)
    Image: cwshwr14.jpg As if I could be unhappy for long around my tomcat? :)
    Image: cwshwr15.jpg *My* tomcat! Yes! ^_^
    Image: cwshwr16.jpg *purrrrrrrrrrr* :)
    Image: gcwtwl12.jpg *sigh* You are too wonderful, my lady cat... *blink*.. wha-a? O_O
    Image: gcwtwl13.jpg HEY! The power's back on! :)
    Image: cwshwr17.jpg Well how about that! Just like that everything's back to normal? From now on I leave *all* tech stuff to you my tomcat... I can't figure it out ^_^
    Image: gcwtwl14.jpg Well, I guess everything's back to norm... huh? O_O
    Image: cwshwr18.jpg Wha-a?? What the heck is going ON???
    Image: gcwtwl15.jpg ... I, umm.. just had a thought, my lady cat...
    Image: cwshwr19.jpg I think you may have put your finger (if nothing else) on it my tomcat... ^_^
    Image: gcwtwl16.jpg That's a weird theory you have, my lady cat... it will have to be researched...
    Image: cwshwr20.jpg Science marches on! ;)
    Image: cwshwr21.jpg Figures don't lie :)
    Image: gcwtwl17.jpg I guess you're right, my lady cat... it's happened...
    Image: cwshwr22.jpg So my tomcat... is it the beginning of the end - or the end of the beginning? ^_^

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