This is a story that was formerly on VCL, and was initiated by my lady cat when she was feeling particularly low. Things really weren't okay at this point, and she abruptly ended the story because she had no time to complete it. -_-

  • "How are you?" "I'm okay!"
    Image: cw_howu.jpg CatsWhisker: "Rrowwr! How you doing?"
    Image: gc_okay.gif Gene: "Well, hello there, my lady cat! I'm doing just fine! How are you?"
    Image: cw_howu2.jpg CatsWhisker: "*sigh* Don't ask, my tomcat... You know that time when your job was working your tail off? Well that's what they are doing to me now!"
    Image: gc_okay2.gif Gene: "Oh dear... I'm sorry they're running you ragged, my lady cat... I know how it feels..."
    Image: cw_howu3.jpg CatsWhisker: "Oh it's okay my tomcat... as long as I can hug you once in a while... it's okay."
    Image: gc_okay3.gif Gene: "Well, as long as I can make it okay, I must be doing all right!"
    Image: cw_howu4.jpg CatsWhisker: "Sometimes I think this is the only okay place there is..."
    Image: gc_okay4.gif Gene: "Waitaminnit, my lady cat... I don't think the whole world is out to make your life miserable!"
    Image: cw_howu5.jpg CatsWhisker: "Oh yeah? You willing to swear to that in a court of law, my tomcat?"
    Image: gc_okay5.gif Gene: "Umm... should I have to swear to it in a court of law?" CatsWhisker: "You might!"
    Image: cw_howu6.jpg CatsWhisker: "I just wonder... You do know the deal?"
    Image: gc_okay6.gif Gene: "Oh, I think I know the deal, my lady cat... But why don't you tell me anyway?"
    Image: cwgottgo.jpg CatsWhisker: "YEEK! Sorry- I'm outa time! I'll get back to you later!"
    Image: gcgottgo.gif Gene: "Need to slow down, my lady cat..."

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