This is a story that was formerly on VCL and Orlando, and was intended as a sequel to our "Towel/Y2K Story". It was initially done in private between KatEllis, Shirlee, my lady cat and I (with one addition from Pepe Val Pew!) When the story became more elaborate, we put portions of it online. When it got to be more personal, we took it offline again, except for one (unauthorized) image from KatEllis! Warning! A good many people regard stories like this as naughty. If you are easily offended, better not read it. I, personally, love this story... but hey, I love everything my lady cat and I do together. Trying to second-guess what's gonna offend or upset people is impossible, so I basically just give a simple warning and let it go at that.

  • Prologue
    Image: cwslepg2.jpg
    Image: gcwsleep.gif
    Image: hi_cwgc.gif
    Image: cwslepg3.jpg
    Image: hi_cwgc2.gif
    Image: gcwslep2.gif
  • The Night Story
    Image: cw_nite.jpg
    Image: gcwslep3.jpg
    Image: gc&cwsha.jpg
    Image: cw_nite2.jpg
    Image: gcwslep4.gif
    Image: cw_nite3.jpg
    Image: gcwslep5.jpg
    Image: cw_nite4.jpg
    Image: gcwslep6.jpg
    Image: cw_nite5.jpg
    Image: gcwslep7.jpg
    Image: hi_cwgc3.gif
    Image: cw_nite6.jpg
    Image: hi_cwgc4.gif
    Image: gcwslep8.jpg
    Image: cw_nite7.jpg
    Image: hi_cwgcfinal.jpg

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