This is a story that was formerly on Yerf, and was initiated by my lady cat just because. :) (The poetry is in the filenames!)

  • Poetic License
    Image: cw_tweek.jpg CatsWhisker: "I'm back! Miss me? :)"
    Image: gc_nabcw.gif Gene: "Rowr! What do you think?"
    Image: cw_meek.jpg CatsWhisker: "Why... Gene! I don't know you like this! You're so cold... so distant!"
    Image: gcgrabcw.gif Gene: "Cold and distant??" YEAH, RIGHT!! We're gonna go somewhere private and discuss this "Cold and distant" business!"
    Image: cw_eek.jpg CatsWhisker: "I will give you just one eternity to think this over!"
    Image: gc_gabcw.gif Gene: "One eternity?" CW: "That's what I said!" Gene: "That's not gonna be enough!" CW: "Well, how many you want?" Gene: "How many you got?"
    Image: cw_sneek.jpg CatsWhisker: "Cant tell you... gotta SHOW you!"
    Image: gc_fabcw.gif Gene: "You always say the right thing..."

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