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  • Dept. Entry #30 This is a pencil test for a bit of reference information that Pepe Val Pew (Dave Hopkins) requested of me. He is working on a drawing along the lines of a Star Wars group pic containing the characters created by himself and his friends and he requested an image of CW and myself as Jedi masters. :)
  • Dept. Entry #31 The mighty Barclay Johnson (to whom I credit my present skill at rendering human characters) has developed a role-playing scenario called B.A.S.E. (Bureau for Advanced Special Enforcement) and in that scenario he envisions the Raccoon Kids (now grown to adults) as four of its top members. :)
  • Dept. Entry #32 A study from a (possible) upcoming series on Furriston's Northside area. It was too cute to leave just as a study. Cotton & Tavie are very likely my two most popular characters. :)
  • Dept. Entry #33 The result of a long conversation with a fan who has proclaimed himself 'the world's biggest Mandy Mouse fan', and who insisted that the freckle-faced teenage mouse gal (in blue jeans) really was secretly EVIL and would soon take over the world! I made it quite clear that the evillest she would ever be would be to do a very tasteful pose in the nude. He wished to know 'how tasteful?' This was the example I created for him. I have heard little from him since... he says all the fuses in his head blew out. O_O)
  • Dept. Entry #34 Just one of the images I was going to use for my 'beach' story in my Gene Catlow comic.

    Maybe I should've done it anyway? O_O

  • Dept. Entry #35 One of my concept images for the "Le Sacre Du Printemps" story. Just a tiny bit too, er... Mandy-nakey for the webcomic. Just a tiny bit... ^_^
  • Dept. Entry #36 Well, if no one thought the last image too Mandy-nakey for the webcomic (and I'm still surprised at how many people are still watching this part of my old webpage!) here's one of my concept images for the stage play story in it's pencilled form. Very often I pencil the characters on one sheet of paper and ink them on a second, to get a clean line. I generally don't put all that much nakey-detail into these (Mandy and I'Miri *are* still teenagers, y'know...) but this time they looked like they were having too much fun to leave anything out. So let's see if anyone thinks *this* is going too far...! >:)
  • Dept. Entry #37 Just a doodle I did waiting at the Fremont BART station. BART is still just as unpredictable as ever. So is Mandy. <:)
  • Dept. Entry #38 Another one of those Yes-I-know-you-want-to-draw-something-else-right-now-and- in-fact-you-should-be-drawing-something-else-right-now-but-I-want-you-to-draw-ME- right-now-so-heh-heh-heh Mandy pictures. She can be a nuisance occasionally... <:)
  • Dept. Entry #39 Every so often, I get the vague impression that Mandy may be some kind of karmic retribution for all the mice that may have been persecuted by cats. Then I get the not-so-vague impression that I should chuck that notion. Mandy follows no such logical guidelines. O_O
  • Dept. Entry #40 Have a very Mandy holiday season. ^_^
  • Dept. Entry #41 Mandy has a message for you...
  • Dept. Entry #42 Cotton and Tavatiana as happy parents-to-be!
  • Dept. Entry #43 From the current GC storyline. Matt and his two familiars Dusk and Dawn enjoy messing with poor Borzoi's head...
  • Dept. Entry #44 One of my prototype drawings for Borzoi's new friend Beryl! :)
  • Dept. Entry #45 I give up trying to figure Mandy out. 9_9
  • Dept. Entry #46 Now Bemused and I'Brini want to get in on the act. O_O
  • Dept. Entry #47 Will this be a pant-tastic adventure? O_O
  • Dept. Entry #48 Don't tell me Cotton Taylor is in on this?!
  • Dept. Entry #49 Miss Elaine Eos' position has been retired. Mandy Mouse and her friends are now the focus of this department.
  • Mandy Mouse's Super Great Adventure begins...
  • ... or maybe not?
  • Mandy explains why Faithful Beast should be their travel companion.
  • Mandy's Super Great Adventure may be back on again!
  • Faithful puts his case to the tribal elders...
  • Mandy pronounces the Adventure as underway.
  • But there are unseen eyes watching...
  • Those unseen eyes just got an eyefull...
  • Faithful picks up a scent.. that is being washed at the moment...
  • The scent is ended, and the journey begins...
  • Follow the Spear of the Sphere...
  • But first! Time to get wet...
  • The Terrible Tree Tribesmen are still watching...
  • Mandy and her friends get wet...
  • But what has happened to the Winds of Wonder?

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